Quality Control

Arrow Aviation Supplier Requirements

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

1) Acceptance
If acceptance is not received, the purchase order will be considered accepted by the Seller upon the commencement of work on the services or goods contained in the Purchase Order. By accepting the order, the Seller is agreeing to all terms and conditions contained herein and within related documents. Parts sent to Seller to be repaired and returned must be quoted and approved by the Buyer prior to beginning the repair work. The terms and conditions contained in the Purchase Order will supersede all previous oral or written communications between the Buyer and Seller regarding the subject and may not be modified without written consent (including an authorized signature) from the Buyer.

2) Supplemental Documentation
Supplier must provide all documentation, information and materials related to parts purchased. All parts and materials used by supplier must be traceable to the original manufacturer. If applicable to the product delivered, the seller must provide the following documentation: Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration, Drawings, First Article Inspection Report, and a Certificate of Conformance for new parts or 8130-3 for return to service parts and parts to be exported.

3) Quality
Seller must implement and maintain a quality management system acceptable to the Buyer. The Seller is obligated to notify the Buyer of any change to the approved quality management system. Approved programs must have a process in place to prevent the use or sale of any suspected unapproved or counterfeit parts. The system must also ensure persons under its control are aware of the importance of ethical behavior and its contribution to product or service conformity and product safety.

Seller understands that all requirements of the Purchase Order and customer/regulatory/AS9110 requirements herein are also requirements of Seller’s suppliers, who must be notified accordingly by Seller.

Buyer will monitor the performance of Suppliers and take appropriate action when deemed necessary. Buyer’s actions may include, but are not limited to, withholding payment, requesting the Seller to investigate and correct performance issues, and removing the Seller from the Buyer’s List of acceptable Suppliers.

4) Inspection and Right of Access
Buyer will have the opportunity to inspect and test all incoming products and supplemental documentation prior to accepting. If either the product or supplemental documentation does not conform to the Purchase Order, the Buyer reserves the right to: reject and return the product at the Seller’s expense or accept the product at a reduced price. By accepting the Buyer’s Purchase Order, the Seller agrees to allow buyer, its customer, and applicable regulatory authorities access to all facilities involved in the purchase order. The Seller shall keep complete records, related to the purchase order open for inspection, examination, audit and copying at all times for up to three years following the completion or termination of the order.

5) Nonconformity
Seller is obligated to notify the Buyer of any nonconformities above and beyond those identified in the Purchase Order and obtain approval prior to taking action. When product nonconformity is discovered after delivery by either the Seller or Buyer, the other party will be notified immediately. Buyer reserves the right to request that Seller complete and return an NCR (Nonconforming Report) to analyze the root cause of the defect. Buyer may also report the nonconformance to any concerned stakeholders.

6) Packaging and Labeling
Seller shall package the product such that it will be safe from damage, deterioration, or FOD intrusion during transit and storage. Packaging should be such that no person handling the product in transit and receiving are at risk of safety hazards beyond normal conditions. If shipping dangerous goods or hazardous material, It is Seller’s responsibility to ensure that all applicable state and federal regulations are complied with. No value should be declared for the purpose of insurance.

The Seller is required to include shipping labels inside or securely attached to the outside the packaging and include, at minimum, the following information:

  • Buyer’s Purchase Order number.
  • Seller’s full company name and return address.
  • Items included and quantity of each item.
  • The part number, description, and serial number (if applicable).
  • Lot Number, heat number, etc (if applicable).
  • Shelf-life, cure date and expiration date (if applicable).

Arrow Aviation Quality Clauses

Clauses applicable only when specified by Q-number on the purchase order.

Certification of Raw Materials.
Seller shall provide with each shipment, a certification of conformance to ARROW’s specification number, including applicable size, type, grade, class, and/or color. If no approved ARROW specification is presented, Seller shall certify to Purchase Order requirements.

Certification of Compliance.
Seller shall provide with each shipment a Certificate of Compliance stating that each device has been inspected, tested, and accepted to the requirements of the procurement specification and/or purchase order. This certification shall be signed by the cognizant Quality representative.

F.A.A. Form 8130-3
Seller shall provide with each shipment Form 8130-3 for each product that has been overhauled, repaired, inspected, tested, and accepted to the requirements of the procurement specification and/or purchase order. This certification shall be signed by the appropriate Approval for Return to Service representative.

Certification of Functional Testing.
Seller shall conduct 100% Functional testing of the item(s) and submit copies of actual test results demonstrating compliance with each shipment.

Certification of Special Processes.
Seller shall provide certifications for performance of special processing in accordance with the Engineering Drawing, Specification or Purchase Order requirements. Certification shall include specification number, name of processor and process performed.

Chemical Analysis and Physical Test Data

Seller shall include with each shipment, a copy of the chemical analysis and physical test data, as applicable, representative of each lot or batch of material shipped. The manufacturer, manufacturer’s lot/batch number shall be specified. Such statement shall bear signature of a cognizant representative.

Manufacture Identification.
In the event the Seller is not the manufacture of the deliverable items ordered herein, Seller shall identify the manufacture of those items on the packing sheet (or by some method) for each shipment, including appropriate traceability documentation.

Part Identification.
Minimum identification shall consist of the manufacture’s part number and trademark, if applicable, on each part. If part does not lend itself to stamping, due to part size composition, etc., the container or tags shall bear appropriate identification.

Container Identification.
Seller shall identify each unit and multiple over pack container with recommended shelf life/storage temperature, flash point, batch/lot number and hazardous warnings as applicable.

Inspection System.
Seller’s Inspection System shall comply with MIL -I-45208A, ISO 9000, or an equivalent system. This system shall be subject to audit by ARROW representative and/or ARROW customer representative at Seller’s facility.

Materials Safety Data Sheets or Safety Data Sheets.
According to the Right to Know Law s, a Seller must supply a Material Safety Data Sheet or safety Data Sheet for any material to be used in a process, regardless of its classification, (hazardous or nonhazardous).

Seller’s Quality Assurance Program.

Seller’s Quality Assurance Program shall be in accordance with ARROW “Supplier’s Quality Assurance Requirements” document TBD.

Corrective Action.

Seller shall maintain adequate controls to prevent shipment of nonconforming articles without prior approval from ARROW. Any nonconformity discovered by the seller shall be reported to Arrow within 24 hours. In the event of ARROW initiated corrective action requests, Seller shall advise ARROW of action taken to correct and prevent reported discrepancies.

Source Inspection.
Parts, assemblies or systems being procured from Seller must be Source Inspected due to the complexity, critical application, and/or that conformance to subcontract requirements cannot be fully determined upon receipt. Source inspection may take place at fabrication, assembly, and/or testing prior to shipment to and may be accomplished by inspection, test witnessing, and/or periodic audits. Seller shall contact ARROW’s Quality Representative at least three (3) workdays in advance of planned Source inspection.

First Article Inspection (FAI) Report.

Seller shall perform First Article Inspection and furnish a First Article Inspection Report, to include actual dimensions, characteristics, test results, and verification of drawing notes in accordance with the drawing and/or specifications required by the Purchase Order. A copy of the FAI Report is to be included in the shipment subject to ARROW Quality Representative Review and approval. If a lot is not continuous or is considered a new production run a new FAI should be submitted with each lot.

Control of Devices Sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge.

Seller shall comply with the requirements set forth in DOD-STD-1686. Seller shall practice procedures to protect electrical and electronic parts and assemblies from damage resulting from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), throughout all handling, packaging and shipping operations. For parts that are known electrostatic sensitive, a bright electrostatic damage sensitive caution shall be attached to each container delivered.

Date Code.

Seller shall supply materials/parts with at least 75% of the shelf life remaining at time of receipt by Arrow.

Record Retention

Seller’s Quality/Inspection Records shall be retained for a period of not less than seven (7) years after completion of Purchase Order. Arrow Aviation must be contacted at least 30 days prior to destroying any records.

Traceability -Mechanical.

Seller shall provide, with each shipment of mechanical items, traceability documentation for lot identification. Such documentation shall bear evidence of lot verification by seller’s Quality Assurance Representative.

First Article Requirements.

AS9102 first article requirements apply, and the AS9102 first article form must be used for all first articles

Sikorsky Approved Suppliers.
Only suppliers certified by Sikorsky can be used.

Supplier Quality System.

The supplier quality system must meet the requirements of AS 9100 (latest revision). The supplier does not have to be certified.

Supplier Quality System.

The supplier quality system must meet the Boeing Basic Quality System (BQMS, which are ISO 9000:2008 plus the additional Boeing requirements).

Supplier Quality System.

The supplier quality system must meet the requirements of Mil-Q-9858.

Contract Flow Downs.

The supplier must understand and meet all Interface customer specifications, and drawing requirements in order to manufacture product. These are required by Arrow, and must be flowed down. The latest revisions for all documents must be supplied by Arrow.

Drug and Alcohol Program

The supplier must maintain a random sampling drug and alcohol program that complies with the requirements for FAR145 Repair Stations by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Special Order Policy

Once a purchase order is placed for a Special Order part, the order may not be cancelled. Once received, Special Order parts may not be returned to Arrow.

Arrow, their customers, and the Authorities must have right of access to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records.

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